Chris Austin Ross (born Christian Austin Steven Whalley), better known as CAR, is a Canadian Artist, Designer and Music Producer. CAR was born September 1, 1993 in St.Catharines Ontario Canada to parents Tammy Whalley and Steven Ross.

CAR started out age 5, crafting hand drawn pictures into paper cut-outs and selling them to his friends in the school yard. Intent on building his own state-of-the art life-sized RC Car, the budding artist began collecting random appliances, motor parts, and microchips from around the neighbourhood. He soon realized there was more to this than gluing the wires together. Instead, CAR fashioned the parts, and an old washing machine insert, into backyard drum set. Here his true passion for music was born.

In 2001, at the age of 8, Ross continued his performance career as a competitive hip hop dancer. Trained by Jordan Setacci and Alexandra Burgio, he competed across Ontario with the St.Catharines’ dance studio Broadway Lights. In 2010, CAR left dancing to pursue other passions.

From 2008 to 2015, Ross drummed for several bands, including City Under Siege where he toured alongside Rookie of the Year in the cross USA tour ”Along For the Ride”. In 2011, he joined the Niagara Falls’ based deathcore band Continent as a full-time touring & studio drummer. In 2014, signed by the Arizona based Indie record label, “We Are Triumphant Records”, Continent released their well-received EP “Wasteland”.

While touring Canada, Continent won awards with Indie music media companies and topped the list on Spotify’s Deathcore “Top 10”. Ross and Continent respectfully left We Are Triumphant to pursue other endeavours. Ross remains thankful to Greg Long and his team at We Are Triumphant for their tremendous support.

In pursuit of higher education, Ross attended Advance Graphic Design at Niagara College and graduated in 2016 as a Niagara Scholar with high honours. Ross mastered Graphic Design and photo realistic digital design and was scouted by Brock University Students’ Union to rebrand major events and festivals to develop the union’s new logo and brand policies.

CAR left the Students’ Union in 2017 to pursue his own company called The Merch Factory. He also co-founded the company Zoo Delivery.

True to his performance roots, CAR is currently producing a solo Electronic Dance Album and visuals for his live Show.

CAR does all his own branding.